National Week of Prayer and Action 2022

We can build a better future right now, together, wherever we might be.

The Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA) is about compassion for people seeking asylum. Co-convened by Jesuit Social Services and Jesuit Refugee Service Australia (JRS), CAPSA is an alliance of individuals, organisations, schools and parishes from across the Catholic community who advocate for fair and humane treatment for people seeking asylum in Australia.

Each year, CAPSA holds a National Week of Prayer and Action (NWPA) to engage the Australian Catholic community to take-action and stand in solidarity with people seeking asylum. NWPA 2022 will run from Sunday 25th September 2022 (World Migrant and Refugee Sunday) to Friday 30th September.

The theme of this year’s World Migrant and Refugee Sunday (25th September) is ‘building the future with migrants and refugees’. In alignment with this, CAPSA’s NWPA will maintain a key focus on actions we can take now, that will help build the future we want: an Australia that welcomes people seeking asylum and treats them with humanity and compassion.

Through action and reflection, we will consider and explore how we can:

  • support people seeking asylum in our own communities, and
  • take practical steps to advocate for issues affecting the lives and futures of people seeking asylum and refugees.


Join us on Tuesday 27th September for an online CAPSA in Conversation webinar. The webinar will feature four thought-provoking speakers who will share how we can all use out time, resources, heart and voice to advocate and take action for people seeking asylum.

Register HERE.

Event page and further information HERE


The CAPSA community in action – how can you use our time, resources, voice and heart to advocate alongside people seeking asylum?

Throughout NWPA, we will be posting stories of CAPSA community members who are taking action for people seeking asylum in Australia using their time, resources, voice and heart. Keep an eye out for their stories on the CAPSA website and CAPSA socials (Facebook and Twitter).


  • Join Community Refugee Sponsorship Australia and provide mentorship and friendship to a newly arrived family, couple or individual through CRISP or GMP.
  • Volunteer with organisations that provide practical supports to people seeking asylum and refugees.


  • Community – are you a part of a community that could rally together to support people seeking asylum and refugees?
  • Financially – consider donating regularly to organisations that work in this space.
  • Skills-based – do you have a skill set that could be taught and passed onto others?
  • Connections – do you know of people who could provide their skills/finances/time to people seeking asylum and refugees?

  • Advocate within your sphere of influence – have conversations with your friends and family (see: #RightTrack campaign; CAPSA Engage Hearts and Minds: a toolkit for refugee action)
  • Engage in politics – meet with your local MP, engage with your State Senator and use your vote on election day.
  • Use your platform and influence to share the stories of those with lived experience of seeking safety.

  • Pray – include refugees and people seeking asylum in your prayers.
  • Reflect – reflect and meditate on the experiences of people seeking asylum.
  • Learn – take time to practice empathy and learn about the stories of people seeking asylum and fleeing persecution.