NWPA 2019: Parish Information

A ‘circle of silence’ after mass during the National Week of Prayer and Action 2018

There are often many different groups operating in a parish, with many different things happening. For this year we are looking for social justice groups, or individuals, to take an organising role and speak to the parish community and participate in a solidarity action. Here are a number of actions that are quite flexible and range from quick and easy through to being a bit more involved to organise. We are here to help – just get in contact if you have any questions.

Actions for within the parish:

  • Host a Circle of Silence: This is a vigil-type event where anyone gathers in a silent circle to recognise the injustice faced by many refugees and people seeking asylum. This can be as public (outside the parish grounds, perhaps outside your local MP’s office!) or as privately as you wish. Take a photo and send it to your local MP (explaining why your parish took this action) and to CAPSA – we will bring these actions together and make sure key decision makers see these pictures from actions around the country. Great to have this right before/after mass at your parish.
  • Arrange a Speaking Event or Forum: Invite speakers along to give insight to your parish and community to understand better what the refugee process is like in Australia. Consider combining this with a large school photo or and a letter to your local MP and the Minister for Immigration and Minister for Home Affairs. Make sure you copy CAPSA in!
  • Arrange a screening of a relevant film, and hold a discussion about issues of concern regarding people seeking asylum.
  • Pray for refugees, migrants, and those seeking asylum: We can reflect and be present together or alone. Perhaps you could include a prayer with a focus on peoples seeking asylum during the liturgy, or hold a reflective and prayerful service one evening during the National Week of Prayer and Action 2019. You can use one of these prayers, or find/write your own!
  • Coordinate your own activity and let us know what you are doing via the registration form or email
  • Sign up for CAPSA updates and calls to action: Put your details in the form (scroll down to the bottom of this webpage) to stay in touch and be a part of coordinated efforts across the country.

Actions outside the Parish

  • Organise a group to meet with your MP. Our CAPSA toolkit has some great tips to assist your preparation. Please get in contact with us to get updated on the latest issues or statistics relevant to your discussion.

Why should we show compassion?

The situation for people seeking asylum past and present:

Catholic perspectives on people seeking asylum: