NWPA 2019: Schools Information

We know that schools are very busy places. Here are a number of actions that are quite flexible and range from quick and easy to being a bit more involved to organise.

CAPSA this year is encouraging school staff and students to connect with brother or sister schools from somewhere across the country, to encourage each other with ideas and solidarity during their National Week of Prayer and Action actions. Perhaps two schools would like to do an action at the exact same time, and link via video. Maybe your school community could even reach out and encourage a school who has never taken part of the NWPA before to engage! The CAPSA team are here to support and answer any questions you may have – just get in touch.

Actions for staff and students outside the classroom

  • Host a Circle of Silence: This is a vigil-type event where students and staff gather in a silent circle to recognise the injustice faced by many refugees and people seeking asylum. This can be as public (outside the school grounds) or on a school oval or inside after assembly. Take a photo and send it to your local MP and to CAPSA – we will bring these actions together and make sure key decision makers see these pictures from actions around the country. Great at lunchtime at school, or before/after mass at your parish.
  • Arrange a Speaking Event or Forum: Invite speakers along to give insight for students to what the refugee process is like in Australia. Consider combining this with a large school photo or and a letter to your local MP and the Minister for Immigration and Minister for Home Affairs. Make sure you copy CAPSA in!
  • Pray for Refugees, Migrants, and those seeking asylum: We can reflect and be present together or alone. At your school assembly, over the loudspeaker at lunchtime, before a class. Perhaps you would write your own and share it with us or your community. Click here for appropriate primary school or secondary school prayers.
  • Coordinate your own activity and let us know what you are doing via the registration form or email
  • Detention for Detention this is a voluntary, usually in lunchtime, activity to bring attention to the current conditions of detention which, both for community visitors and for those detained, are becoming increasingly punitive and securitised
  • Sign up for CAPSA updates and calls to action: Put your details in the form (scroll down to the bottom of this webpage) to stay in touch and be a part of coordinated efforts across the country.
  • Write to your local Member of Parliament and tell them about what is going on, and why you and your class or school are concerned. Check the resources below for tips!

Resources for inside the classroom

Why should we show compassion?

The asylum seeking situation past and present:

Catholic perspectives on people seeking asylum: