NWPA 2019

A week of community solidarity with people seeking asylum

CAPSA invites you to participate in this year’s National Week of Prayer and Action to be held between 16th – 23rd June 2019.

As a practical expression of Pope Francis’ message to welcome, protect, promote and integrate migrants and refugees, we are asking for your support in facilitating action.

From the 16th – 23rd June the CAPSA network – schools, parishes, networks  and organisations will join together across the country to pray, advocate and raise awareness for people seeking asylum in our communities.


Please note: The following actions and resources were developed for the 2018 week of prayer and action. We are currently working on other activities for 2019 to coincide with specific messages, but there will be significant overlap, so feel free to utilise any of these ideas below:


CAPSA has put together some actions you, your parish, your students, or your colleagues can participate in during these weeks.
Please don’t feel that these are your only options, be as creative as you wish, or modify these to suite your situation.

The CAPSA team are on hand to support in any way we can! We will collate actions from across the country and make our voices heard.
We are all responsible for what our government does in our name. We must let them know we want positive change!

  • Host a Circle of Silence: This is a vigil-type event where students and/or staff gather in a silent circle to recognise the injustice faced by many refugees and people seeking asylum. This can be as public or as private as you wish. Take a photo and send it to your local MP and to CAPSA – we will bring these actions together and make sure key decision makers see these pictures from actions around the country. Great for at lunchtime at school, or before/after mass
  • Arrange a Speaking Event or Forum: Invite speakers along to give insight for students to what the refugee process is like in Australia. Consider combining this with a large school photo or and a letter to your local MP and the Minister for Immigration and Minister for Home Affairs.
  • Pray for Refugees, Migrants, and those seeking asylum: We can reflect and be present together or alone.
  • Coordinate your own activity and let us know what you are doing via the registration form or email.
  • Sign up for CAPSA updates and calls to action: Put your details in the form (scroll down to the bottom of this webpage) to stay in touch and be a part of coordinated efforts across the country.

Check out our video from previous year’s week of prayer and action:

We have collated a number of resources to support you and your school to participate in this week of prayer and action:

Information about the Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS) and the cuts.
Basic information put together by the CAPSA team about the Status Resolution Support Service, and recent policy changes.

Article on compassion
Fr Andy Hamilton outlines the importance why we should be encouraged in ‘doing all we can to ensure that children who need protection receive it, and that our nation treats all children in need compassionately and decently’.

CAPSA General Resource Pack
This pack includes links to factsheets, petitions, prayers, speakers, curriculum packs, books, stories & films – useful to develop class activities have conversations in your school at every level.

ACMRO booklet
You can download the Migrant & Refugee Booklet by ACMRO which contains Pope Francis’ address for the 104th world day of Migrants and Refugees and other relevant reflections and prayers.

Recent videos to share with students from Refugee Council of Australia.

Help us tell the story

Part of CAPSA’s work is to tell the story of this important week of prayer and action to the broader community and Government. The best way we can do this is if you send us a photo, or some (however brief) details of your event or action, and if a student, staff or parishioner are willing to be a media point of contact, let us know!

We will only engage with media where you have given us explicit approval to do so – please indicate this in the registration form. We want schools to know that we put the interests and needs of students before anything else. Engaging with media, of any sort, would only be pursued with complete support from schools.

Our aim here is to promote positive conversations in the broader community about how we treat refugees and people seeking asylum as a community. CAPSA will provide media support for all schools who are open to media engagement.