Quick tips for writing a letter

When MPs receive many letters  on an issue it sends a strong signal that people care and they must take some positive action. To make your letter stand out from the crowd:

Introduce yourself

Tell them if you are from their local electorate, if you attend the local school or church or are involved in local electorate groups, like a Social Justice Group, or St Vincent de Paul Conference.

Why are you writing

Your letter should be short and simple – one page is best – but also passionate and from the heart.

Tell them briefly what the issue is that you wish to raise, why this concerns you, and what you want them to do about it. Ask your MP to respond to your letter.

Be respectful

It’s always more influential to communicate respectfully and to avoid being insulting or abusive.

Find the right MP

Legislation relating to asylum seekers and refugees is made by Federal Parliament. This means you should write to your local Federal MP or to one or more of the Senators who represent your state. You can also write directly to the Minister responsible.

  • To find your local MP put your postcode in here.
  • To find your Senators (each state has several) put your postcode in here

Click on the politician’s name to get their address details.

Working out how to correctly address a Federal politician is complicated, but it’s polite to get it right.

  • You can find out how to do it here.