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The Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum stands together to welcome those who come to Australia seeking a safe haven. Our humanity and faith demand that we challenge government policies that lead to hardship, poverty and trauma for people seeking asylum.

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Find out how you can advocate for fairer treatment and safe and humane policies to support people seeking asylum.

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Many people living in the Australian community while seeking asylum are experiencing poverty. COVID-19 has made existing issues worse and there is a dire need for practical help.

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We visited people across the Catholic community and heard their message to people seeking asylum, loud and clear – “You are Welcome”.

Australia’s treatment of people seeking asylum ought to reflect our collective values of solidarity, compassion, respect for human dignity, and our desire to do good – not harm.

When we commit to welcoming people who are fleeing persecution, we do good and honour our values. When imprison people seeking safety and deprive them of what is necessary for life, we do harm.

We can do better.

The Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum (CAPSA) calls the government to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people who have sought asylum in Australia, through just processes and attention to basic needs. 

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Confused about the facts? Find out where you can access reliable information including updates about what Catholics are doing in support people seeking asylum …

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Looking for a way to help people seeking asylum in your local community? See how you can share your skills …

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Want your voice to be heard? Looking for ways to speak out against the harsh treatment of people seeking asylum in Australia? Find out ways to effectively advocate …

What I am doing

Sayed is Afghani, married with 6 children. He made the journey to Australia on his own. His wife and 6 children are refugees in Pakistan. I also have 6 kids so his experience seemed both familiar and incomprehensible to me.


Sunshine, Victoria

What I am doing

I have come to see that my faith is concerned with seeking a personal relationship with Jesus and it is in sharing the struggles and hopes of my asylum seeker friends that I encounter Jesus and deepen my relationship with him

Peter Arndt

Brisbane, Queensland

What I am doing

Hearing people’s stories of persecution and injustice has helped me to see beyond media headlines to the stories of real people


Footscray, Victoria photo credit: Fiona Basile

Latest News & Events

CAPSA Webinar: A Call to Prayer and Action for Afghanistan

The Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar ‘A Call to Prayer and Action for Afghanistan’ held during the National Week of Prayer and Action 2021. As we continue to watch the conflict in Afghanistan unfold, this webinar will be an opportunity for the CAPSA community to come together online to take further action as a part of this campaign. There will be a number of practical actions we will take as a community online during the event to urge our government to take further action for Afghanistan.

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CAPSA National Week of Prayer and Action 2021

Each year, CAPSA holds a National Week of Prayer and Action (NWPA) to engage the Australian Catholic community across schools, organisations and parishes, to take action and stand in solidarity with people seeking asylum. This year the National Week of Prayer and Action will begin on 26th September, the day of World Migrant and Refugee Sunday, and run through to 1st October 2021.

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Action For Afghanistan

It is clear that the Afghan people, especially ethnic and religious minorities as well as women and children are in great danger in their own country. In addition, there are more than 5,100 Afghans living in Australia, many with families in Afghanistan, and many without any certainty about their future in Australia. While the Federal Government has undertaken to allocate at least 3,000 places for Afghans within the current humanitarian intake, the need is dire and immediate, and a special additional intake is required.

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