We CAN use our skills

We all have skills to share!

There are so many ways you can support people seeking asylum. If you are not already active in volunteering or providing support in some way, you could start by looking for groups nearby (at a Parish, School, or Community group) who provide assistance to asylum seekers.

Below are a few suggestions of ways to assist. Many parishes, schools and social justice groups are already involved in these kinds of activities plus much more. If you are involved supporting asylum seekers, we would love you to join up and let us know what you are doing.

Ways you can use your skills:

  • Inform yourself and speak truth to others, even when your views are unpopular
  • Collect food or other material aid for people seeking asylum who are living in poverty in your community
  • Volunteer to teach English
  • Offer a job or free training position to an asylum seeker with work/ study rights
  • Plan a fundraising or awareness raising event
  • Arrange for a speaker to come to your group and speak about asylum seekers
  • Write to asylum seekers in detention
  • Start your own Parish/ School / Workplace Support Group for asylum seekers
  • Sign up to CAPSA (at the bottom of this page) to receive a monthly e-bulletin. To join up your group please contact info@capsa.org.au

“Faith of itself, if it does not have work, is dead”  James 2:17