Get Involved

We can sometimes feel powerless in the face of such harsh treatment of people seeking asylum, however there are many ways you can get involved . We are all called to use our unique skills and initiative to make a difference.

A few suggestions include:

I CAN pray

  • If your parish is not already doing so, suggest asylum seekers be considered in prayers of the faithful or in other ways.
  • Include compassion for asylum seekers in your personal prayer or in groups.

I CAN use my skills

  • Write to asylum seekers in detention
  • Collect food or other material aid for people seeking asylum who are living in poverty in our community or volunteer to teach English to people seeking asylum. Many parishes and schools are already involved in these kinds of activities.
  • If you are not sure about what opportunities are available in your area, please contact us on

I CAN stand up for change

  • Share reliable information and challenge falsehoods where you hear them
  • Write to your local member or the relevant Minister or Shadow Minister
  • Visit your local MP and talk with them about your concerns and desire for better treatment of people seeking asylum in Australia