Especially for secondary schools

Maintaining the safety net

This section focuses on the role of government in providing a safety net for people seeking asylum. The inadequacy of government support and stories of the impact of that both point in the same direction. Whether from compassion or economic common sense, adequate support should be provided according to need. 

Safety net and the role of government

Safety net activity suggestions

Taking action

One of the actions older students in particular can be involved in, is connecting with a Member of Parliament

When students are involved in taking any kind of action in support of people seeking asylum these resources may help with the processes of preparation and follow up

Books and poems

Here you will find titles and description of a number of relevant books.
Here are a number of poems with background on the respective poets, as well as links to several videos of spoken poetry.

Why we show compassion – some realities

We are inspired too by realities of asylum seeking past and present. 
Key policy points This page provides both a brief outline of things that should never happen, and a better way. It also connects to a more detailed rationale and list of principles.

Prayer and reflection

Here are classroom activities to help students reflect on where they stand and be ready to walk with people seeking asylum

Prayers including litanies, prayers of the faithful and single prayers may be useful in these and other contexts.

Detention4Detention Flier

Print Instructions

The flier is double-sided so follow these instructions to print correctly:
  1. A4 paper, 2 pages per sheet
  2. Double-sided (flip on short-edge)

Teaching About Global Refugee Crises

This resource  uses clips from Go Back to Where You Came From, the SBS documentary, to explore the issues. It  provides notes, discussion guides etc as well as short video clips, all geared to exploring the global refugee crises. It aims to develop critical thinking, intercultural understanding and empathy, and is designed for work with students in Years 9 to 12. The resource is designed to match a whole range of items in The Australian curriculum.