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Why We Show Compassion – a Catholic view

This paper outlines two different views on people seeking asylum, followed by short passages from Catholic statements and the gospels. Below are some further links to other material on Catholic teaching. :

Why we show compassion – some realities

We are inspired too by realities of asylum seeking past and present. 
Key policy points This page provides both a brief outline of things that should never happen, and a better way. It also connects to a more detailed rationale and list of principles.


These prayers may be useful in parishes, communities or other groups.

Tips for Facilitating Community Conversations

A guide for how best to facilitate a community conversation.

Engage Hearts and Minds: A Toolkit for Refugee Action

In this toolkit, CAPSA has compiled a range of resources to equip parishes, workplaces and local community groups to get involved. We want to provide people with tools to take the lead in their community and seek out support from CAPSA where needed.

These activities are inspired by the Gospel and the teachings of the Catholic faith. As modelled by Pope Francis as our leader, we strive to welcome refugees and migrants to our communities and promote an acceptance of diversity. Our work is now needed more than ever!

You can request a hardcopy here.

Circle of Silence including flier

You can download and print this flier to hand out during a Circle of Silence expression of solidarity. Print Instructions The flier is double-sided so follow these instructions to print correctly:
  1. Select A4 paper size
  2. Select 2 pages per sheet
  3. Select double-sided (flip on short-edge/short-edge binding)
  4. Print in colour