We CAN get informed

Pope Francis .. shows us that, when we look into the face of the asylum seeker and really hear their story .. they are no longer a stranger to be feared and we can no longer be indifferent to their need. Social Justice Statement 2015-2016

A Catholic perspective on the situation of people seeking asylum in Australia and information about the various realities affecting them helps us to see them as no longer strangers and be ready to stand with them.

Some information on a Catholic perspective


For those who have come across the seas Social Justice Statement 2015/16 

Pope Francis speech in October 2017 


Some information on the realities of seeking asylum in Australia


A snapshot of asylum seeking in Australia over time

Key policy points names both things that should never happen, and a better way

Current situation gives information on the global situation, some statistics and government policies and practice.

Refugee Council of Australia has up to date information on the situations of various groups and government policies among other things. 

A statement on Children Seeking Asylum

A statement on People seeking asylum who are living in the community

Information and activities for primary and secondary schools are available on the Resources page.


Where to find the latest news

There is no shortage of information about ‘asylum seeker issues: the challenge is often in finding out what is really happening and seeking out credible sources.

In terms of Catholic Media relating to people seeking asylum, we recommend:

– Jesuit Refugee Services

– Australian Catholics Bishops Conference

– Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project

Some other good sites for the latest news and current information include:

–  Refugee Council of Australia

– Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

– Andrew & Renata Kaldor Centre for International Law