Panel Discussion: Advocacy and Service for People Seeking Asylum

This event will bring together a panel to discuss what the broader situation for people seeking asylum and refugees is in Australia, and how Catholic services in Adelaide are practically trying to support their needs.

The panel will also address the Catholic community’s imperative to be involved in this space, focusing on the 20 pastoral action points for migrants and refugees that were published in 2018 under the approval of Pope Francis, to guide and assist parishes, organisations, and individuals to respond in a manner which centers on the dignity of each person.

There will be time for questions and interactive discussion, and some concrete examples of actions, advocacy and service happening across the country to stimulate ideas and practical ways you can be a part of a Catholic welcome and together make a difference in this space.

This event is for anyone who would like to learn more about the issues pertaining for people seeking asylum, and ideas around how to be involved in effective advocacy and service. All are welcome.

The Refugee Alternatives 2019 conference is the catalyst for this event. Taking place in Adelaide this year, this conference will gather together expertise from across the broader sector, as well as the Catholic community, together with those working and welcoming in this space in Adelaide. 

Please RSVP below, bring a friend and spread the word to any you feel would be interested. 

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