Adele’s Reflection

Continuing the term 1 focus of awareness of refugees, the Social Justice and Environment Group at Catholic Ladies College, Eltham in Melbourne organised a Refugee Awareness Week. Throughout the week, there were many activities held to raise awareness among the college community. On the Wednesday, students had the opportunity to hear some eye-opening stories from Mrs Margret Hayes and Abbey Beare. This was followed, on the Thursday, by a workshop held by CAPSA, to get a conversation flowing about what changes we can make to help refugees on a local and national scale. On the Friday, there was a “Detention4Detention” held to raise awareness about detention camps; where barriers were set up, together with advertisements that have also been used overseas to deter people from travelling to Australia. We were overwhelmed at the support from the college community, with over 100 students coming to sit inside our mock detention to show their solidarity against detention centres for refugees. We thank all who were involved and made the week as successful as it was.

Adele, Year 12.