Fran’s story

I have long believed that social action (working to change policies and structures) is critically important – alongside working at the coal face on injustice.  However, social action needs to be a group endeavour: for impact, for access to information, and not least for a sense of solidarity.

When I heard about CAPSA, I was delighted because it was exactly what I was searching for – social action challenging very unjust policies affecting people seeking asylum. It gives me the wherewithal to support those people – I get information, as part of the group my actions will have greater impact, and I have a wonderful sense of solidarity with the people in and around CAPSA.

It is my belief that the gospels present a Jesus who was adept at both direct service (healing etc.) and social action (so many challenges to the powerful). I have been happy to walk in those footsteps, but for now it is the social action aspect that is key for me. I am pleased the church has a leader who is able to speak out so simply and clearly about many injustices.

– Fran (Volunteer with the CAPSA)