Hold a Class/Assembly Outside

No roof over our head

Many in our community are advocating on behalf of people seeking asylum who are getting their basic supports cut around the hash tag: #roofovermyhead.

The reality is that many of those who lose this support will become homeless. The Catholic community and the broader charity sector are already doing much for those without an income. An additional possible 5000 is an enormous ask for a sector that is already struggling to keep up with need. 

During the 2018 National Week of Prayer and Action, as an act of solidarity hold an assembly or class outside. Schools can accompany those who find themselves in such a predicament and protest this recent change in policy by the Department of Home Affairs.

It is winter, and holding a class or assembly outside will not necessarily be an easy activity. This activity aims to demonstrate that trying to live a normal life while not having four walls around us, or perhaps a roof, is not an easy task. For those seeking asylum this additional stress is truly profound.

Your school could just have one class or assembly outside, or have various school levels rotating to have an outside class on different days of the week over the time period of our week(s) of prayer and action, it is up to you.

Your school can post a picture on your website or newsletter, and please send CAPSA a photo of your class outside, and we will collate these acts together and make our collective voice heard. 

Here is a resource to assist in preparing students for activities during NWPA 2018

Here is some information and links to additional resources about the SRSS and the policy changes.