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Francis tells politicians to ‘abandon familiar rhetoric’ about migrants

On January 8 Pope Francis addressed 180 ambassadors accredited to the Holy See in an annual event where he gives what is often called his “State of the World” address. Migration was one of many global issues the pontiff touched upon.

As reported by Joshua McElwee, the Pope criticized people who talk about the plight of migrants and refugees “for the sake of stirring up primal fears,” asking ambassadors to “abandon the familiar rhetoric” and help the record numbers of people fleeing violence today.

He also referred to the many stories of migrants referenced in biblical teaching, saying “In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the history of salvation is essentially a history of migration.”

You can read the full address here.

Fair Go For Families campaign

In December representatives of Jesuit Social Services (who also participated on behalf of CAPSA) joined forces with the Refugee Council of Australia to raise the issue of family reunification for refugees directly with a number of federal MPs at Parliament House in Canberra. Two refugees with lived experience of seeking to reunite with their immediate families across borders were on hand to share their experiences and what it means to have their families finally back together. You can read about one of their stories here.

Have you signed our petition which calls on Australia’s political leaders to introduce policies to improve access to family reunion for refugees? We are about to reach 1,000 signatures, add your name today here!

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