November 2017 Bulletin



We believe that together we CAN make a difference, starting with small acts of kindness and hospitality and becoming a collective voice demanding more compassionate asylum seeker policies.

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A joint Catholic statement on the humanitarian crisis on Manus

A week after the official closure of the Manus Island detention centre, more than 600 refugees and people seeking asylum languish inside, unsafe and uncertain about their futures.

Today CAPSA joined with Jesuit Social Services, Catholic Social Services Australia and Jesuit Refugee Services to call on our government to stop the cruelty and bring every refugee and person seeking asylum from Manus to Australia.

We urge all Australians to express their concern for the desperate circumstances of the men on Manus Island by contacting your local federal MP to demand an immediate change to this expensive, unworkable and unprincipled policy.

You can read the full statement here.

What you can do about the crisis on Manus

Many of our supporters have asked what they can do about the crisis on Manus. Here’s three actions you can do:

  1. Read and share the work of Behrouz Boochani – Behrouz is a Kurdish journalist who has been detained on Manus Island by the Australian government since August 2013. He gives first hand accounts of what is happening on Manus and speaks truth to our politiicans. You can find him on Twitter @BehrouzBoochani
  2. Write a letter to your local MP – Getup is calling on its members to write to local MPs, so they are aware of the broad public support to  #BringThemHere. You can write to your MP here.
  3. Attend a local action – across the country people are organising rallies, vigils and other actions to stand with the men on Manus. Check out the Australian Refugee Action Network site for your local action.

Recommended Reading & Viewing

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Diary of disaster: the last days inside Manus Island detention centre – The Guardian – Behrouz Boochani

Fr Frank Brennan speaks out about the closure of Manus Processing Centre – Catholic Social Services Australia

‘Never been more traumatised’: 72-year-old nun recounts Manus Island visit – Fairfax Media – Doug Dingwall

Farewell to Samuel Dariol

After almost two years working with CAPSA as the Project Coordinator, Samuel is moving on to take up a role at the Refugee Council of Australia as Media & Campaigns Officer. Samuel has worked with the CAPSA community to build our movement and raise our collective voice. He will be missed!