Semira’s Story

My name is Semira, I have two sons, one is 6 and the eldest is 7 years of age. I am recently arrived, was previously living in Queensland and have been in Australia for a year and a half. When I think about what have been the benefits of migrating to Australia there are a few things that to come to mind. Having my children attend school has made us very happy. I am also very happy and grateful that people are very helpful in lots of ways, particularly in terms of education, health and social life. Democracy in Australia is also very good, this country is free from war and is very concerned about human rights issues.


When I came to Australia when I was very sick and because of the great health care system, I got good treatment with no stresses of paying a heavy price or not being able to afford. I did not receive my needed treatment until coming to Australia. I was so glad I had the opportunity to work with services providers as I received support to assist me to work towards getting a more stable accommodation and I wouldn’t be able to do it on my own without the help of services.


I Thank God I am living in a transitional housing close to my children’s school and the hospital for my ongoing treatment needs. I would like to attend school but I am not well enough to attend.  Australia has made the life of many people easier in terms of freedom that people have in this country. This means I am able to practice my culture and religion with no problems.


I have been really lucky to build significant relationships with neighbours which is different to what I heard from other people when I first arrived in Australia. I am able to trust them and leave my children to play with her children. I have been able to make friends with parents of the other children who attend my children’s school.  Since moving to Australia, I have been able to also meet people from my cultural background and feel welcomed and a part of the community.


I really appreciate what Jesuit Social Services has done for me, after being referred from Brisbane by the hospital to live in Melbourne as the weather conditions here is more suitable for my health condition, I did not know how I was going to settle without help from anyone. Luckily I had distant family in Melbourne who recommended Jesuit Social Services and they were able to support me in finding accommodation and continuing with my hospital treatments. I feel listened to and despite English not being my first language, I feel comfortable to communicate my needs and fortunately I am now confident using interpreters.


In terms of my hopes and dreams, I wish that my children continue to be happy and I wish that I can one day sponsor my sister to come and live in Australia with us.