St Joseph’s Feast Day, Then and Now

Josephite Schools across the country took action in March to add the voices to the many calling on the government to #Let Them Stay. Below is a summary of the events and photos from across different schools.


It was 19th March 1866, the Feast of St Joseph that Mary MacKillop wore her brown tunic to mass and began the order of the Sisters of ST Joseph. She and her brave team of Sisters would work tirelessly and passionately to educate children in the more remote poor areas of Australia and New Zealand.

Jump ahead 150 years and witness her work alive and continued. To acknowledge St Joseph’s feast day 2016, students from Josephite schools across Australia and New Zealand paused to stand in solidarity with the asylum seekers threatened with deportation to Nauru and Manus island. Their symbolic act of posted messages of peace and hospitality echoed the vision and commitment of our founder Mary MacKillop.

It is hoped that this action along with letters to our parliamentarians and a media release in the local papers and the school bulletin will help bring about change and #LETHEMSTAY.