Standing in Solidarity – A National Day of Prayer & Action

When: National Child Protection Week4-10th September


Standing in Solidarity – National Day of Prayer & Action in Catholic schools is an opportunity for a united Catholic voice across the country calling for a more just and humane welcome of people seeking asylum in the Australian community, and particularly for the rights of the child to be upheld.
Drawing on the important work of a number of schools who regularly participate in solidarity actions for people seeking asylum, CAPSA hopes to focus the efforts and energy of schools right across the country to realise the power of the Catholic school community. It connects us to the call of Pope Francis for 2016 to be the Year of Mercy.
Schools have the opportunity to hold a small action with staff, students, parents and wider school communities to show solidarity to the children and families facing the harsh conditions of immigration detention. In having hundreds of schools and thousands of people involved in such a National Day of Prayer & Action, CAPSA will be able to coordinate a significant media response with the hope of bringing this issue to the fore.
Actions for schools may include:

  • Detention 4 Detention
  • Circle of Silence
  • Jump Up & Down 4 Kids video
  • School photo with ‘Refugees are Welcome’ banner
  • The Cage sleep out
  • Refugee Realities workshops with students
  • Holding a forum or speaking event

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