Organise a 15 minute lunchtime ‘Circle of Silence’ on Thursday July 19th

Five years ago, former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that all asylum seekers who arrived in Australia by boat after the 19th of July 2013 would be processed offshore and not be resettled in Australia.

Since then anyone seeking asylum and protection arriving by boat have been placed in detention in Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island or Nauru.

At present:

  • Refugees and people seeking asylum are still stranded on Manus and Nauru.
  • Some have been caught for 5 years in limbo in offshore detention and on island
  • There have been 12 deaths offshore

You are invited to join with other members of CAPSA on the 5th Anniversary of this announcement as we mourn and stand in solidarity with those people held in detention and refugees still trapped offshore.

On Thursday 19th July 2018  we are calling for 15 minute lunchtime ‘Circles of Silence’.

  • A Circle of Silence offers an opportunity to reflect on the treatment of refugees and people seeking asylum in our communities.
  • By creating a banner, or placing a written message in the circle of silence, or perhaps having one person handing out some information, we can raise awareness of this anniversary.
  • A Circle of Silence can be inside, or outside your workplace, in your school, at your university, or anywhere in your community. We suggest outside!
  • During the Circle of Silence we can acknowledge and mourn the twelve refugees and asylum seekers who have died while in Australian immigration detention on Manus Island and Nauru by placing 12 empty white plastic chairs or 12 empty sets of shoes in the circle. We can also print and display their images.
  • You can also request or say a prayer at an appropriate parish meeting or mass on or around July 19th

There are also a number of rallies and events across the country to recognise this anniversary:

Please send us your photos or register your circle of silence or support and we will gather these actions together share them with CAPSA and broader community throughout Australia to ensure a strong united Catholic voice of welcome is heard.