This treatment of people seeking asylum is unacceptable

Dear friends,

On Migrant and Refugee Sunday we awoke to the announcement that around 100 people seeking asylum, brought to Australia for medical reasons, were to have their income support stopped and their government supported accommodation vacated in 3 weeks. This is the first group and it is likely an additional 400, including 37 babies and 60 children, will receive similar treatment.

Despite reports in the Daily Telegraph and comments from Mr Dutton implying some of the medical conditions were faked, it is important to note that the Australian Government had to approve each medical evacuation and we know that approval was not easily gained. One person died from septicaemia as the result of the reluctance of the government to evacuate him for an infected foot. A number of the women were evacuated to Australia because of sexual assault Рare we to conclude that risk no longer exists?

Below is a letter which you might like to use or adapt to let the Prime Minister know that this treatment of people seeking asylum is unacceptable.

Letter to the Prime Minister